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On this website you will find images of Wolves taken by Will Burrard-Lucas.

About Wolves

Binomial Name: Canis Lupus/Canis Simensis

Wolf Species & Subspecies
– Gray Wolf
– Arctic Wolf
– Red Wolf
– Indian Wolf
– Ethiopian Wolf
– Himalayan Wolf
– Eastern Wolf

The wolf is a large carnivore, and a member of the Dog/Canid family. They can be found in areas such as America, Africa, the Arctic, Asia and Europe.

Wolves have an average life-span 6-8 years in the wild and can sometimes live up to 15 years old in captivity. Wolves are characterized by their dog type appearance, thick fur and bushy tail.

They are intelligent and highly social animals and live in groups known as packs. These packs can number from 5-15 individual wolves.  The pack is lead by an alpha male, and female, known as the alpha pair. The pack hierarchy is mostly decided by age differences and fights.

Wolves feed on a variety of food and they are highly adaptable and co-operative hunters. In North America, the Gray Wolf feeds on large animals such as Elk or Caribou, while the Ethiopian Wolf feeds on large mole-rats.

Wolves are well known for communicating with other wolves by howling. They also have other ways of communicating such as yipping, squeaking, growling and a variety of body postures.

Wolves often have a negative relationship with human beings, particularly in areas where the wolves might threaten livestock. The human-wildlife conflict has caused wolves to be the subject of extensive wolf hunting. Habitat loss is now also becoming an increasing threat. As a result of this, species such as the Ethiopian Wolf are now critically endangered with around 500 individuals remaining.